Technology & Digital Literacy Workshops

Digital literacy is “the interest, attitude and ability of individuals to appropriate use digital technology and communication tools to access, manage, integrate, analyze and evaluate information, construct new knowledge, create and communicate with others”.

Think Digitally 

At MCT, we are working to ensure that under resourced communities have Internet in their homes.  To help people become active digital citizens, we offer (three) equally important programs to the community; connectivity, affordable computers and digital literacy training.

Digital literacy is a foundational element of success in today's technology-driven world.  regardless of an individual's educational goals, career pursuits, or job function, having a secure grasp of today's digital technologies that drive much of the world is critical to success.  

By teaching everyday digital skills, like online communications and job searching, offering targeted services to senior citizens and the disabled providing a resource for them to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer.  We provide regular scheduled free workshops and one-on-one and hands-on digital tutorials.

  • The training involves basic digital life skills; computer basics, setting up an email account and an introduction to browsing the Internet.  We also offer tutoring and special classes on these topics:
  • Finding health/medical information
  • Accessing government services
  • Searching for job opportunities
  • Social Networking
  • Online Shopping
  • Banking Online
  • Classes/Certification Online

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